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Regarding Friends-Locked Posts

This is the journal of Pixie Wildflower. Some of my entries are "friends only" for those who know me and are interested in more personal aspects of my life.  If you know me and would like to be added as friend, please comment here since this post is public. Of course, you have to be a member of Live Journal to be added. If you are only interested in my art, pixels or things of that nature, those posts will be public.



Wildfires and Tornados

I remember when normal December weather was cooler and calmer.  It was dry for so long and so many wildfires sprang up over the southeast.  The smoke in the air has been bad for my allergies.  I was so sad about Gatlinburg.  I grew up within a couple of hours of that place.  It was a favorite to visit and we had our honeymoon there (though a later and longer one in Chattonooga a week or so after).

Then Wednesday night we had a tornado here.  Our own neighborhood didn't get much damage though we were without power and internet a good while.  Others were not so fortunate with the damage.

Being offline, I could only check facebook with my phone.  I heard of a few people injured.  I am still not sure how severly.

We went over the other side of town and they had power there.  All the restuarants were packed with people who coudn't cook in their own homes.

At least we could get out to find a hot meal.  One time during a ice storm, we lost power for 3 days.  It wasn't safe to travel on that night.  We had our gas longs to keep us warm and it sufficed the three days, though we did got to my inlaws for a shower.

You never know what is going to happen and when you might have to "rough it" and do without electricity.  Of course, I know some people who love to camp so they are in their element.  My brother's famiy was without power for a week once when they had a severe blizzard up in the mountains.  They relied on their fireplace even for cooking.  They had a regular wood fireplace.  We only have gas logs but we have a small grill out back. You just never know...


Today's Poupee

Today's Poupee